• Physical and chemical (analytical)
testing of textiles, fabric, yarn and clothing

• Textile fibers
• Yarn, threads
• Fabrics, knitwear, non-woven textiles
and final products
• Textile floor coverings
• Textiles for sanitary use
• Geotextile
• Textile ropes
• Velcro straps
• Organoleptic control of quantity
and quality, sampling, quality control:

• Yarns and sewing threads, embroidery,
knitting and handicrafts
• Fabrics, knitted fabrics and nonwovens
• Clothing
• Bed linen and household linen
• Textile floor coverings
• Products made from genuine and artificial
• Shoes

• Conformity assessment Personal
protective equipment
•In cooperation with subcontractors,
we can offer the following services

• Testing according to the requirements
of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 in terms of
safety and security of textile products
• Conformity assessment of personal
protective equipment in accordance with
the EU Directive 2016/425
• Examination of items for general use
according to the Regulations on health
safety items for general use